Room21 Education Consultancy Services offers a full suite of services to Victorian schools. Contact us to discuss your needs – we can start your school on the path to great teaching and learning experiences.

  • Workshops for primary teachers
  • Workshops for secondary teachers
  • English as an Additional Language and Special Needs workshops
  • In school consultancy
  • Intervention Services
  • Curriculum materials, advice and support

Our consultants have worked in many school settings and each is an expert at the classroom level. The work is focused on teachers’ understanding and application of research driven pedagogy, assessment practices, quality curriculum , and teacher capacity, and these factors are integrated with individual school based challenges and opportunities. We work with school leadership to bring about fundamental shifts in teaching practice.

Our consultants understand that change is adopted in varying capacities by individuals ~  Room21 consultants are focused on learners and learning and reform is articulated respectfully within this two- step model. Once a school wide focus is identified and prioritised, the consultant works side by side with teachers and leaders to consolidate learning with identified processes to ensure consistency and sustainability.

How is this professional learning different to other services and workshops?

Whether we are working shoulder to shoulder in schools or presenting workshops, Room21 consultants promote a common language to describe teaching and learning. The work focuses on frameworks that support teachers to apply new learning and which they will use in their teaching lives long after the workshop or consultancy is over.

Examples of professional learning packages we offer:

Primary Reading PL

Years 7 & 8 Secondary Literacy PL

Maths Secondary PL