Learning grammar and spelling

Use this matrix to teach students word parts/phonemes to improve spelling – very orderly and mathematical as it shows the prefix and suffix parts of the word.

http://www.visuwords.com  We love this free site and so do students

If you haven’t bookmarked Edudemic you are missing out. This is a fabulous poster of word parts and their relationships.


A terrific App for helping students identify parts of speech, Grammar Pop Winterfest has multiple levels, high quality graphics and an engaging interactive platform.  Visit iTunes website. $1.99

General sites 

http://www.tesaustralia.com   Australian teachers sharing resources

PBS LearningMedia      Loads of free streamed content

Edutopia for all things education, and some terrific visuals and articles to get you up to speed with the latest information and research.

November Learning  

Alan November is a  leading US educator with a passion for incorporating technology skills in the curriculum. His site has plenty of free lessons on teaching  important skills, like understanding search engines, authenticating sites, and the  like. It’s a must if your students are researching on the internet.




The above sites often produces free booklets on technologies and how to use them in the classroom.

http://visual.ly   for great posters to show statistics

Pinterest   wonderful graphics and links to sites, for both students and teachers.Look for our Room21 Pinterest Board. There is a link on the front page.

http://www.thinglink.com   makes your images interactive


Classroom Resources. Never panic again.

Request a Resource: a new site that promises to find resources for you!


Fun Facts & Trivia for Kids

Fun Car Facts: Simple Machines in Automobiles

Free K-12 Lesson Plans

Calculators for Kids: Teach Children Math with These Free Calculation Tools

ReadWriteThink Lesson Plans

Discovery Education | Classroom Resources

A Kid’s Guide to Forest Fires

KidZone: Worksheets for Children

And, here is a  link to a growing resource bank from EducatorLabs. We hope you’ll find this useful as well!
Fun Educational Lesson Plans, Activities and Printables