Our recommendations

In this area you will find lots of free stuff, great ideas, downloads and sites.Go

Digital tools & web 2.0

Our recommendations for sites and tools that support great teaching and learning. It is not only hard to look for what’s going to work, but it is very difficult to assess what is valuable and what is best left alone. We do the work for you. This is a list that we will continue to review because we use this material.Go

Professional reading

We live in the Information Age and who doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of materials “out there”?  These are the people, the research,  and the groups that we use as mentors.Go


Links to great places to support your professional life and classroom practice.Go


Ideas and links to support understanding and creation of diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.Go


Educators throw around words and hope everyone has the same understandings. This glossary takes out the guesswork and brings clarity to terms found in the literature and conversations. We aim to build a common language so that we can discuss our work with precision.Go