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Your work with reading begins with a commitment to giving students chunks of time engaged in reading books of their own choosing.  These self selected books are ones that they can read with fluency, accuracy and comprehension. Current research data confirms that in order for students to progress as readers, they must have abundant time to read. Too often, students have not been given quiet structured time to read. Reading with the teacher, following a text, is not the same as reading a book you have chosen. We want to create life long lovers of reading. This is a key way to increase vocabulary knowledge, ability to infer based on genre, increased world  knowledge, and a bunch of other equally important outcomes.  Reading improves reading.

Room 21 How to Choose a Just Right Book

Monitoring Reading: student 

Room 21 Student Reading Log#1


Scaffolding challenging text

Room21 Reading Challenging texts In the Secondary Areas.pdf

Boys and Reading Strategies

This pdf comes from Ontario Ministry of Education. The resource guide resulted from an extensive research project into boys ‘ literacy needs and strategies to improve their reading outcomes.

Boys and reading strategies