Absolutely outstanding work with my staff. Built teacher capacity, mentored and role modelled supporting consistency, differentiation and latest pedagogy in teaching and learning. Without Maryanne and Rick we wouldn’t be able to complete and publish 100% of the school’s curriculum scope and sequence and also unit writing. Looking forward to continue working with them with the next level of work next year.
Nick, Secondary School Principal, South Western Victoria
The team at Room21 has achieved very positive results in building a community of practice firmly centered on improving the learning outcomes for students.  They have done so in a supportive manner, ensuring that each teacher is given the opportunity to grow professionally and build their capacity in conjunction with a consistent, whole-school approach to teaching and learning.  I could not recommend the consultants s at Room21 more highly.
Judi, Secondary School Principal, North Western Victoria
Working with Maryanne has really strengthened my own planning when it comes to an enriched curriculum that encourages the process of thinking. Her workshops on the writing process and reading for greater understanding were engaging and packed with relevant resources that are easily implemented in the classroom. Her support to my coaching role as a mentor gave me the confidence and knowledge to lead staff and model strategies in a variety of classroom settings.
Danni, Literary Coach, South Western Victoria
Our College has benefited significantly from the work of our consultant, Maryanne Pearce. With her guidance, we have created a Scope & Sequence for every subject at every year level. Our English faculty has been able to rewrite their curriculum using the Understanding By Design model with Maryanne’s support and guidance. Her easy manner combined with her clear expertise and knowledge means that staff have respected her leadership and been able to get on board with the school’s new directions. Maryanne has ran a number of professional learning sessions with the whole staff that have been of immense benefit in the areas of scaffolding challenging text, writing across the curriculum and the Gradual Release of Responsibility model. We are a much better school thanks to her work with us!
Lori, Curriculum Coordinator, South Western Victoria
Jan worked at my school as an AUSSIE consultant focusing on school leadership coaching. Within this role she supported our work in the area of strategic planning, curriculum design and teachers’ professional development. Her level of expertise paired with her years of experience made her an asset to our organization and she became a close member of the school community…
Winston Hamann, School Principal, New York City
I was immediately impressed by Janice’ knowledge, breadth and depth of experience, professionalism, calmness, willingness to mentor the younger and less experienced coaches in the team. Jan had great success in building the teacher capacity and improving data of the schools with which she  worked.  (Jan ) provided ongoing and timely  professional development to clusters of teachers and I saw how much they had grown in confidence and competence as a direct result of working with Jan.
Sarah Mayor Cox, LaTrobe University (Janice's Colleague)