Room21 consultants are working professionals; think of us as pedagogical coaches who build instructional knowledge to improve student learning. We are classroom experts working in a range of P-12 schools across regional Victoria and in Melbourne, Australia.

Teachers and school leaders want advice on how to improve learning outcomes, the nuts and bolts of what great learning looks like. Too much of what teachers are told is disconnected – Room21 consultants draw together the data, the research and the resources, to frame a coherent picture of what good teaching and learning looks like, in ordinary classrooms, on any given day.

In the Company of Learners
We are living in a time that seems to bring urgent challenges for us and future generations. The information era is changing the ways in which we communicate, teach and learn. We aim to help teachers navigate their professional lives with assurance and the confidence that what they are doing is making a difference.

We suggest you bookmark our site and regularly visit for ideas that engage learners and ways to build skills and content mastery.

Our Education Consultants